Portrait Parties!!

Do you want to earn free portrait credit by having fun with some friends? We are starting something new just in time for Christmas card season. We are introducing “Portrait Parties” to our clients! Here is how it works…

You invite 3 to 4 families to join you at your house or a nearby park for mini photo sessions. Each family will have a mini portrait session so they can get their Christmas Card pictures taken. There will be no sales pitch, no pressure to order, or no sitting fee. We will start with the hostess’ family and then other families can arrive at their appointed time or come and socialize the whole time. Each family will have about 20 to 30 min. to take whatever photos they want and then we move on to the next. We will have the photos for viewing on our website the following week and purchases can be made at that time, if they wish. Again, there is no pressure and no obligation to buy.

But what if they do buy? Well, then the hostess will earn portrait credit to purchase their family’s pictures that they had taken at the party. The credit can be used for portraits or family Christmas cards. The whole evening will take about 2 to 3 hours and food can be served or not, that is really up to you. We are only scheduling a few of these parties before Christmas, so you need to call soon to get your appointment on our books.

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