More Christmas Cards!!!

Okay, I admit it. I am obsessing over Christmas Cards! I finished our cards last week and still wanted something more, so I came up with these. “Collection 1” is a little more modern with fun colors. “Collection 2” is more sophisticated and classy. So no matter what type of person you are, we have the card for you! Now is the time to start thinking about who will be on your Christmas list and start planning your family portrait session. You can always mix and match your cards as well. They come in sets of 25, but if you need more feel free to order another style. I know I have several in mind for our family this year. Also remember these are not just for Christmas. I will be revamping them for Birth Announcements, Graduation, Birthday Invitations, etc so check back after Christmas to see what we have to offer.

I hope we can help you find what your family is looking for in a Christmas card this year and with any portraits you may be wanting for gifts, but most of all I hope you remember the true meaning of Christmas and enjoy celebrating our Saviors birth!

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