Two new shoots!

I want to share two shoots that I did this past week. The first one was with a family we know through my son and daughter’s soccer teams. They are one of the most beautiful families. Mom is probably getting tired of me telling her that. It was very cold that morning but the kids did a wonderful job for me including little J who decided halfway through the shoot that he was done. I was lucky enough to get some really great shots before he quit on us though. His brother and sisters where another story altogether. I told his older brother I would not stop shooting his picture if he did not stop giving me that awesome smile. This is the same smile he had on his face the entire time he was on the soccer field. His sisters where absolutely beautiful and very photogenic. Thank you D family for letting me capture your family and their wonderful smiles and even a few frowns!

The second family was our neighbors who have a daughter at Ohio University. We all took a road trip and went to visit her and explore the campus. I had so much fun walking around this gorgeous campus and snapping candid and some posed shots of the family. You guys did a great job and E. we really miss you around the neighborhood.

You may also notice a name change on my photos. We are in the process of making a few more changes at Heartwarming. I will let you know more details when they are finalized.

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