Father and Daughter Session

This was a fun shoot for me to do. It was a father and daughter session. Doing a session like this made me really miss my own dad who passed about several years ago. There is something so very special about the relationship between a father and a daughter. My daughter and I have been talking about this a lot lately. She has that bond with her daddy that I miss with mine. When you know you are your daddy’s little Cinderella, nothing can be better than that! My daughter bought the CD of Steven Curtis Chapman singing “Cinderella” for her dad for Christmas. We are definitely saving it for her “Father/Daughter” dance at her wedding someday! (Okay, I have to wipe the tear out of my eyes before I can go on!) That song is what is playing on the blog now! If you have never heard it, you might want to grab a tissue.

Anyway, back to this special session. A friend called and said her brother-n-law wanted to have his picture taken with his daughter while they were visiting from out of town. I loved seeing her look up at her daddy before each shot. We took some outside (in January don’t forget) and a few inside but the fun time came when I asked them to get on the trampoline! I thought this might just warm them up a bit. The giggles that came were an added bonus. I love these shots of them falling together on the trampoline in laughter!

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