Winter Wonderland

I have decided since I keep adding pictures of my kids, that it is okay to have personal photos on here too. I was just using this for my photography business but since my personal life is a big part of who I am, why not put in favorite personal pictures too! If you are tired of my kids, you should be ashamed of yourself! They are so cute! Just kidding. Business is a little slow right now with all the cold weather, so I will fill my blog with some people who matter the most to me!
We have had so much snow lately, I had to put in some snow pictures. I also have been playing with textures and overlays. Some people may wonder why I want my pictures to look dirty … Well, I really don’t know. I think it just looks cool! I am really into the grunge/urban look right now! I have told you already, that I am so anxious to take some urban shoots and as soon as it is warm, I promise I will take some. My daughter is appalled that I want to take her picture in front of a dumpster and graffiti, but that is exactly what I want to do!! So whether or not you are into the grunge/urban look or not, I hope you enjoy the new photos. I have a couple shoots coming up, so maybe soon I will have more to post than my own kids!! But aren’t they so cute….

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