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On a Search for the Perfect Location

I need your help! I am putting together a list of cool, fun, beautiful, different, adventurous, urban, rustic locations for my clients. When someone calls me, I want to be able to give them several choices for a great location depending on the look they want. I will take suggestions for indoor or outdoor locations anywhere around the Dayton area. A few of my favorites are…
Shawnee Park

A fun little park in Beavercreek (behind National City)

A cute little park in Bellbrook

Dayton Art Institute

Xenia Bike Hub/ Old Warehouse nearby

Two Parks in Beavercreek with old barns

Cox Arboretum {Love, Love, Love this place}

Indian Mound Park on Rt.42

John Bryan State Park

The Market Downtown Dayton

The Greene

Help I need more …

If you know of another or several, please leave me a comment. Your ideas can be parks, fields, streams, old dilapidated houses, alley ways, playgrounds, flower gardens, cool church steps, brick buildings, barns, cute town streets, anything. Use your imagination! Some places I may need to get permission to be there, so let me know your idea and I will check into that. I am gearing up for the Spring and I want to have many locations at my disposal. I will post all your ideas here and then when someone is looking for a locations, they can come here to see some cool places around Dayton.

My #1 goal is to find an urban location. If you know of a cool, urban location with allies, loading docks, old fire escapes and even a colorful dumpster, I will be forever grateful!

Remember, leave me a comment! Here are two of my favorite pictures at two of the above locations.


2 thoughts on “On a Search for the Perfect Location

  1. There is Eastwood Lake and Eastwood Park. At the park they have this path that follows the river with a couple of foot bridges to cross. Used to go out there and walk alot when my kids was younger.


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