Cool Idea! {Seniors}

This is an idea I saw done by two of my favorite photographer (Kara May & Amanda K). They are both on my side bar and are both awesome photographers. They are two that I found through “Pieces of the Picture” which I blogged about the other day. I think this is the coolest idea and I had to figure it out! I am not sure I did it how they did it but I am happy with how it turned out. I cannot wait to use this idea with some high school seniors.

As I mentioned in the last post, I am now looking for Senior Representatives from all surrounding high schools so if you know of any, please have them contact me. I have also added a Senior Rep. Application to my side bar for anyone graduating next year to fill out. I will be choosing 2-3 from each high school, so… let the bribing begin. If you want me to choose you, you should know I love Starbuck’s skinny vanilla lattes! Just kidding!!

I will be posting my senior packages soon and will begin booking session just as soon as it warms up a bit. There are only a few photographers that are authorized to take your yearbook pictures but I can do your fun personalized shots for you. I am working on getting put on the list but for now I will be happy to refer you to anyone of those listed for your yearbook pictures. So until it is time to book your session, go ahead an apply for a Senior Rep. position. If you are chosen, I will email you all the details and explain all your great benefits (in other words… free stuff!)

Even if you are not interested in being a rep., I will be happy to take your senior pictures but only if you are willing to have fun and be yourself! I want your pictures to scream who YOU are. I want you to bring clothes and accessories that represent YOU. Since I will not be doing your traditional posed shots, we will head outside and go to places you love. If you ride horses, guess who will be in the shot with you? If you skateboard, guess where we will go? If you are a dancer, we will get shots of you doing what you love! If you play sports, you can bet we will get some shots of you doing that. Whatever your passion is will meet up with mine (photography)! I want you to look back on your senior year and remember how much fun your pictures were. Remember though, mom and dad have to have a few too! Some different locations I want to shoot at are a railroad, an old warehouse, a field, a covered bridge just to name a few but I want to know where you want to go. Let’s make these fun and all about who YOU are!

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