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Class of 2025 {Personal}

Today I took some time to play with my new camera and look who stopped by to have a photo shoot!  He is either someone trying to get his senior pictures done early or someone taking time out from his Major League Baseball career.  Either way, I think he is adorable!  He let me have a mini shoot  with him so I could practice using my new camera but I had the most fun watching him pose himself.  He is a natural, I think!



Oh, I guess this one proves it was just my adorable 3 year old!


Lastly, all you juniors who are wanting to model for me, now is the time!  My new camera is here and waiting to earn it’s keep.  {It has a lot to work off!} The weather is beginning to shape up for us, so lets make some plans.  If you are wanting to model for the website and advertising material, send me an email and let me know you are interested.    I am hoping this weekend turns out to be good for us.  I may put together a group to head out either Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon.  When you email me, let me know which works best for you.  This is a NO stress shoot.  Just pick one maybe two outfits you like and grab a few friends and we will have our “Dress Rehearsal”.  This will be a time to have fun, act goofy and take some great pictures!  Remember, if you are bringing some friends, I need to email them a model release form to have a parent sign.  I need guys and girls so start calling, texting, emailing, facebooking, or whatever y’all do these days!  {Yes, I did use y’all!  I have decided this is my blog, so I can!} 🙂

Have a great weekend!


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