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Casting Call {Newborns and 2010 Seniors}

First off,  I wanted to let you know my “Subscribe by Email” button is now working!  Yahoo!!  So if you would like to be updates whenever I post another super, awesome, and wonderfully informative post, make sure you go all the way to the bottom and fill in your email information.   Those of you who were subscribed to my last blog, may want to resubscribe since it did not carry over.
I bought some really cute boy & girl newborn hats today that I cannot wait to use, so if you know any newborns born or about to be born, please let me know!  I am having a casting call for newborns which means, any newborn that books with me during the next month, I will give a free session to.  I am anxious to use my new props and hats so in exchange for your baby to use on the website, I will waive the $100 session fee as a thank you!  All my other prices will apply if you would like to purchase any from the session.  If you have not had your baby yet, but would like to get in on this deal, just let me know your due date and I will put you down.

I also want to say thank you to all the juniors who will be modeling for me soon.  I have several that are getting together friends or braving it alone and modeling for me for the senior website.  Look for that to be updated soon.  If you would still like to model for me, I still have room.  Email me and let me know you are interested.  I have a few more Spokes Model positions available too so fill out your application and let me know you are wanting to earn some free stuff.  Check out the senior section for all the details.


If you would like to give someone a session as a gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Shower Gift, or just because, I do have gift certificates now available.  You can purchase their session for them as well as give them credit to buy their prints afterwards.  These make great anniversary gifts as well.

Lastley, I have a super cute friend shoot to blog about tomorrow.  We are just waiting for the model waivers to come back and I am putting a few more touches on their pictures, but they are so fun!  They definetly will be worth coming back for!

Have a great night!


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