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New Product {Studio News}

This is a fun new product I am offering as an add-on to any order over $150.  These come in sets of three for $45 and are adorable!  This will fit perfectly in your purse to pull out and show friends and family.  Since they come in sets of 3, mom, dad and grandma can all have one!  Additional albums can be purchased for $12 each.  The cover comes in several different colors and will coordinate perfectly with your album design.  The same album design can also be purchased in a larger coffee table album!  This is just a fun little add-on to any order.

On a personal note, this is another picture of my son and his baseball bat.  He has said since he was tiny that he was going to be a “Pro-Baseball Player” when he gets big, so these are just for future memorabilia .  As soon as he can sign his name, I will let him give you his autograph.  You never know it might be worth a lot of money some day!  A mom can always dream right! 🙂


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