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New Video Feature {Studio New/Seniors}

Here is a video I created of Olivia my new senior model.  I introduced you to her a few posts ago and told you that she is not a senior but is playing one for my website.  She is letting me use her for marketing material and I could not be happier.  As you can see she is stunning but the best part is she is stunning inside and out.  She is an extremely talented artist as well as musician, and is as sweet as they come.  The song I chose for her is perfect all except for the beginning.  It talks about looking in the mirror and not seeing what is in the magazines.  Well, in my opinion she could grace the cover of any magazine.  {Let me just add that her images needed no retouching! She really is that gorgeous!} The song talks about seeing the fingerprints of God and when you are around Olivia that is exactly what you see.

I want all my seniors to realize that they are each beautifully created by a wonderful and loving God.  He made them exactly how He wanted them and that is perfect!  No matter what we see in the mirror {and believe me I don’t always like what I see}  if we let God’s love shine through and let Him put His fingerprints on our lives, others will see beauty!  I am so lucky to be working with girls and {soon guys} who have His fingerprints all over their lives.  I hope you enjoy the slideshow and Jenna, yours is coming!!

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