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My Favorite New Product is Here!!! {Studio News}

I ordered one of my new Session Presentation Boxes a few weeks ago for one of my Senior Spokes Models and it is finally here!  I love these boxes! They are so well constructed and I am thrilled to offer them to my clients.  I think these will be a hit with seniors as well as families.  When you order one of these boxes, you will choose your favorite image from your session.  You will also decide which template you like {stripes, circle, dots, or floral}.  We will choose colors from your image or your favorite colors if doing a black and white or sepia image.  You will also receive 24 of your favorite images from your session.  These come with a texture linen coating on your pictures to protect them from all the handling that will be going on when you share your box with others.  I promise you will want to share it!  Have I said yet how much I love these boxes?  Just wait until you see one in person!  These will normally sell for $200 but they will be on sale from now until the end of June.  You can get  your very own for $150 with any newly booked session.   I have a few dates posted until the end of May but I will be updating my schedule soon for June.  You can find my available dates on the newly designed Portrait Site under Schedule.
Here is my new favorite product…

presentation-boxHere are a few of the template examples…









Call soon to book your session or email me at tchavies@woh.rr.com.

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