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In Honor of My Dad!


***Update*** I have always loved this picture of my dad, but I never knew who took it or where it came from.  My mom just told me that I took it!!  Wow, that makes it even more special to me.  Technically speaking it is not great but it does capture who he was and that is what I always want to do with my clients.  I am honored to have taken this picture of my dad and will cherish it even more now!

Today, I want to dedicate this blog to my dad Timothy Franklin Lawson.  Today is his 62nd birthday but he is not here for us to celebrate it with him.  He died of cancer on December 3,2002.  My dad was the most incredible dad ever {besides my husband who is an awesome dad himself}, but I really could not have asked for a better dad!  He not only served in Vietnam in the U.S. Army but also took his role as dad and husband very seriously.  I was an only child for 15 years and could not have been more spoiled by my daddy but when my baby brother was born he still made me feel like his princess.    I married several years after that and then my brother had the chance to be the only child {at home} and received all dad attention.  We both have very good memories of  our dad and will cherish our time with him!

One of my favorite memories of dad was when he would take me fishing when I was little.  No, I would not touch the fish or the worm but according to my dad I was an awesome fisherman {girl}.  I would always catch the biggest fish and the most.  It really puzzled me as a little girl why my dad was not as good as me.  He was good at everything so why not fishing?  It was not until many, many, many years later that I learned “I” was not the great fisher-girl that I thought I was.  He would catch the fish, hand me the pole  and then wait until I noticed the fish on the line.  Sometimes it would take awhile for me to notice {poor little fish} since I was really not that into fishing in the first place.  I just liked being with my daddy. But when I did finally notice my line jumping, he got great enjoyment in seeing me celebrate my tiny victory of catching another big fish. The part that makes me laugh now, is that when he would notice it was not going to be a very big one, he would claim that one as his own.  Since he was still catching his own fish, I never suspected he was cheating in my favor.   I did not find out about his little trick until I was an adult {yes, I know I was gullible}, but this taught me a valuable lesson about being a parent.  Seeing my kids enjoyment in their achievement is so much more rewarding than my own successes.

Three of my children had the pleasure of knowing my dad or Pappy as they called him but my last one was not born until after my dad died.  I wish my youngest would have met my dad because they would have been great buddies.  My favorite memory of my dad with my kids was watching him give them their bottles as a baby.  No matter where we were and it was time for them to have a bottle, that honor went to my dad.  The best part was watching as my baby would drift off to sleep while being fed in Pappy’s arms and then looking up and seeing my dad sound asleep as well.  I love that memory of them both so content and happy together.

Another thing I miss about my dad is his love for photography. I can honestly say he is where my love for photography came from.  I would have loved sharing this part of my life with him!  The Christmas before he died, he bought me my first digital camera and even though I have upgraded since then I will always treasure that one along with his own personal cameras.

I truly miss my dad and wish everday he was here to enjoy his grandkids and take them fishing but thankfully I know where he is and who he is spending his birthday with.  I look forward to Heaven someday not only to see my Heavenly Father but also to see my daddy!  Happy Birthday Dad.  I love you!

On a lighter note,  I took my kids out yesterday and we had another family photos shoot.  They promised me this for Mother’s Day.  The first picture, I am having made into a 16×20 canvas but I am sure the others will show up somewhere in the house as well.  The last one makes me laugh.  They were so done at this point.  It was getting hot and close to nap time for the little one but we had fun and I am very happy with the shots we got.

I hope everyone had a good long weekend.


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