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Pinecrest Swim Team Pictures ~ {Studio News}

This is a note to all Pinecrest Swim Team parents.  I will be taking pictures of the team as they swim at the different meets throughout our season.  These photos are mainly for the Team Banquet Slideshow at the end of the year but I will also be posting them on my “Portrait” site under “Client” for you to purchase if you wish.  Please know, you are not obligated at all!  This is just a service they asked me to provide for the team.  I will not be posting any children here on my blog or site {besides my own}  unless I have a signed model waiver allowing me to do so.  The only way you may have access to the private gallery is by obtaining the club password from me or Michelle Martin.  If you do not know the password,  email me and I will share it with you or stop me at a meet.  If you do wish to purchase a photo or two of your child, please know I will ONLY deliver the finished image to the parents.  You do not need to worry about your child’s picture being sold to anyone other than you. I will post my prices in the gallery shopping cart.  I will make every effort to get several  shots of every child throughout the season.  If you notice that I have not taken your child yet and you want me to, PLEASE pull me aside and point out your child to me.  I do not know all the kids yet and as of right now I do not have a team rooster to check off.  I will usually stick to one lane a meet to make it easier to find your child in the gallery.  I will add the pictures to the gallery by meet #.  (I will not be at Meet # 2 and possibly Meet #3 due to family vacation.}  Email me at any time if you have questions or concerns.  If your child does not like a particular picture {due to a funny fish faced expression} or you would rather not have your child in the private gallery, just email me and I will remove them immediately.  I hope they have a great season and watch out for some cute pictures of your child!

Also, a slideshow may  be added to the club website throughout the season if it is approved to do so.  If you would rather not have your child’s picture appear in that slideshow, email me and let me know.

One last thing… I will be out of the office for a few days to go to a family reunion.  I will be available through email from my phone but I will not have my computer with me.  I will be back in the office on Monday.  Have a great weekend!

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