Processing Choices ~ {Studio News}

As someone who loves change, saying these are my only processing choices, would be a total lie.   With every shoot, I see something different from the last shoot that may even be at the same location.  Processing your pictures is when I let my true creativity come out.  But, with that all being said, I do have a few favorite methods of processing that I tend to go to for every shoot.  I most likely will give you several, if not all of these choices to choose from.
When I process your images, I will go through every image and fix lighting, contrast, and just general photo fixes but there will be a few that I give special treatment to.  For some reason or another, these images just stand out to me.  These special images will be processed with either one of these choices or maybe something I have never tried before.  When you receive your gallery, you do not have to purchase your images the way they are presented.  I can change any image to how you like them the most.  Maybe you want all of them “Black and White” or maybe all “Vintage” .  The final decision is yours!  I just really like this part of my job.  It is where I let all the creativity come out and hopefully it is what makes my images unique.  When you have made your final decision and before I place your order, every image you purchase will receive one final once over.  I will make sure each image that comes to you has my final seal of approval!

Here are a few of my most common processing choices…



Black & White






Leave me a comment and let me know what processing techique you like the most!

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