Xenia High School ’89 Reunion~{Sneak Peek}

Okay, sorry everyone!!!  I have been having technical difficulty today.  First off,  I decided yesterday to upgrade my shopping cart so it would be easier for everyone to view their pictures.  Well, guess what, I locked myself out of my own site!!!  It was in the process of being fixed when my host server had to shut down all the databases because a man climbed a power line near them and decided to shocked himself.  NO LIE!  He is still alive, I think, but they had to shut everything down anyway.  I truly hope he is okay but having shut myself out last night, I thought I was to blame for my site shutting down today.  I have my site back up but I am still not allowed in! :(.  I have been working on the other shopping cart today but I know some of you are very anxious to see pictures from the reunion so here is a sneak peak for you.  I did not ask everyone’s permission to use them on the video so if you want me to take you down, TOUGH!!! Just kidding.  I will, but everyone looked so good, so I put it up anyway.  I will have this to purchase but I am slashing the price since it really did not turn out to be very long. {Look for that price in your shopping cart soon.}  I had hopes of taking a lot of candid shots throughout the evening but you all kept me pretty busy.  I hope you like them and I will have a shopping cart up soon {not sure which one but one, I promise!}  Enjoy the show and it was great to see everyone!

Marisa and Amanda~ Your gallery is done also but waiting on my site to go back up.  I will let you know very soon.  I will also give you a slideshow to see as another sneak peek for you by tomorrow!!!

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