Meet Allison~{Ohio Senior Photographer}

This is Allison!  I met her through her aunt Melissa who happens to live all the way in California.  Allison’s aunt was helping her find someone to do her senior pictures and they stumbled across my site.  {I love the internet!}  I met Allison last night and we had another great night of shooting with the fall colors.  I am going to be so sad when we can no longer shoot outside.  We originally planned to meet tonight but I completely forgot about the time change and I figured she would like a little more daylight for her shoot!  It turned out to be perfect weather for us!  Allison, I hope you and your aunt like your sneak peek and I had a lot of fun shooting with you and your sister last night!



2 thoughts on “Meet Allison~{Ohio Senior Photographer}

  1. Tammy – thank you so much for doing my pictures ; they are so amazing i couldnt have asked for a better photographer than you! you made my session feel like one of a kind. your pretty much amzing &+; if i need any more pictures i will be sure to come to you!


  2. Great pics Tammy! Love the beautiful fall colors. They are all but gone here in Western NC. Not much left but brown and tree trunks. lol
    Talk to you soon,
    Sandy Keys


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