My Sweet Nephews | Ohio Family Photographer

These are my adorable nephews that came to visit over Thanksgiving break.  We planned on taking them out several different times but it was so cold.  We found an awesome location and mom had them in the perfect outfits for our grunge theme.  I love putting handsome little guys in a not so lovely location.  They looked at Aunt Tammy like I was CRAZY and even dad had a puzzled look on his face but mom and I had a ball!  They looked at me a little differently when I pulled out the BIG lollipops though!
Also notice my new logo and watermark!!! I have been looking for a new brand for Tammy Chavies Photography for awhile now and I think I have finally found it { a little modern + a little elegant  = Perfect!} If you noticed on the last post, I am changing some things up for the new year.  I get so excited with change {good change that is}.  It is a little problem I have, but I have assured my husband he is fine!!!

BoysDSC_7849_BCarson_FBrennanCandy CanesDSC_7986_FB&W

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