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2009 ~ What An Amazing Year! |Ohio Photographer

WARNING, THIS MAY BE A LONG ONE! I am reflecting over my last year in business and bragging about my amazing clients, so grab a cup of coffee and get comfy!  If you hang  in there with me, there is something special at the end, along with a sale!
Wow, this has been a crazy, fun, fantastic, challenging, and amazing year for me.  My business really took off when I added seniors to the mix and I have to say they are some of my favorite people to photograph!  I love how excited they are for their senior year and how much energy and excitement they bring to their sessions.  I am looking forward to doing even more next year!  I will be releasing my new “Senior Rep Program” in the next few weeks so if you know of any 2011 Seniors, have them contact me NOW to get on my list of applicants!

I also saw a great deal of change in my work this year.  Looking back over this last year’s clients, made me realize how much my style has changed.  What I thought I loved back then is totally different from what I do now.  I used to loved texture and vignetting and I added it often, but now I love rich, clean images or ones with a soft vintage feel.  My vintage look has even changed over time.  I am nowhere near where I want to be as an artist but I am finishing up 2009 pleased with my journey so far.  I changed a lot of other things this year as well.  I added a session fee, upgraded most of my systems and equipment, implemented new policies and procedures and learned so much along the way!  I became approved for the Xenia High School yearbook pictures, donated my time and services to several different organizations, and had fun getting to meet new clients. I am happy to say that I met most of my 2009 goals for the year and even exceeded my goals in a few areas.  To see an update click here.  I will be coming up with my 2010 list soon and will post it here as well.  This was great for accountability sake but was also exciting to see where I have come in just one year.  Wow, I am tired just thinking about it all.  I had planned on taking December off, but I am still finishing up a few things.   I am definitely ready for a break.  I need a little time to step away from my camera as well as my computer so I can recharge for 2010.

I am very excited to see what 2010 brings.  My husband is planning on joining me in doing wedding photography and we are both very excited about that.  We have several equipment upgrades planned and some exciting workshops we would like to attend together.  We have several weddings booked already and a new website to come in the early part of the year but in the mean time if you know anyone needing a wedding photographer, please pass on our names!

Now, I would like to focus on my wonderful clients for 2009.  You have all been amazing as I got to know you and made many new friends.  I truly count each of you as friends of our family!  When I edited your pictures it sometimes became a family affair as my kids looked on and asked questions about you or my husband wanted to talk about the technical aspects of your shoot.  Each of my daughters joined me at times to help with many of your sessions.  Some of you came to my studio and saw what we call home.  Many chose to do an in-person consultation and got to see our homeschooling area or happened upon our messy toy room.  Whatever the case, I am glad you were a part of “OUR” lives this year.  I hope 2010 includes seeing more of you either at another shoot or just around town!  I have included a slideshow of some of my favorite 2009 images.  They are not in any particular order but notice how my style is different in many of the images. Sorry, it goes kind of fast but I had a lot to fit in!

Okay, one last thing.  As I have already mentioned,  I am changing my 2010 session fees but from now until the end of the year I am allowing you to buy up as many sessions as you wish for the 2009 price.  Go here , register for a shopping cart and then type in  “payment” as your access code.  You will see my Session Fee prices as well as my Gift Certificates.  You can buy either one for yourself or for someone else.  With my Gift Certificates, I am also offering an incentive for you as the “Giver”.  Purchase for someone else and get a $25 gift certificate free for yourself to be used in 2010!  If you purchase one as a gift, I will make sure you have it in time for Christmas to wrap up.

Thank you to everyone, clients, family, friends, blog stalkers {yeah, I have a few now!}, and fellow photographers!  You have truly made my year amazing and I cannot wait to see what 2010 brings!

Have a wonderful Christmas season and remember to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas ~ Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

One thought on “2009 ~ What An Amazing Year! |Ohio Photographer

  1. Awesome post, Tammy! Isn’t it amazing to realize how far you’ve come in a year and how much things have changed during that time! I haven’t known of you long, but I think your work is terrific! Love your 2009 slideshow and I bet your clients did, too.
    Best of luck to you in 2010! I hope you reach all your goals! 🙂


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