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2011 Senior Reps |Ohio Senior Photographer

This is just a quick update for my 2011 Senior Reps.  I still need a few more of you!  You have until the end of  February to apply, so go to the link above and submit your application.  I have a VERY exciting new product I will be releasing soon but my senior reps will get one free!  I will be blogging more information about it in the next few days but until then, here is a little hint … it involves your PHONE and it is super cool!!!!

Since no post is complete without a picture… here is a picture of my absolute favorite tree.  I check on it every time I drive by.  The day this tree is taken down, will be a very sad day for me.  I think it is so cool how it fell right into the other one. {Someone may have totally put it there but I still think it is cool!}

If you know where this tree is, then leave me a comment and let me know.

It is not a great picture because I decided to take it at the last second as we were driving by but you get the idea.


So where is it?  Leave me a comment.

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