Meet The Penny Loafers|Ohio Commercial Photographer

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to take pictures for the  group The Penny Loafers.   One of the guys of the group is the father of one of my seniors from this past year.  Their group began in 1985 while they were attending college together and they have performed all over the United States and have numerous albums available.  If you are looking for a Christian group to perform at an event coming up, these are the guys to contact.  We met first at a local church and my husband and I received a free mini concert while shooting some publicity shots for them.  I have to say they are a fun and definitely talented group of friends.  After some traditional shots for their website, we went in search of a more urban look for their upcoming album cover.  We found the most AMAZING location to shoot at.  I was in a photographer’s dream spot and even received permission to come back!!! I would love to share with you where it was but I think I am going to keep this little gem a secret! 🙂   Finally, we ended up at one of my other favorite spots, the railroad tracks.  Besides shooting a great group of guys, and finding the most amazing location, I also got the chance to use my new camera for the first time.  I thought I liked my camera before but it is nothing compared to my new baby, the Nikon D700!!  She was a dream to work with and yes, she is a girl!   As if all that wasn’t enough, I also got to shoot with my new business partner, my husband.  The reason I needed a new camera is because my husband is now going to be joining me on some of my sessions.  He will be my second shooter at weddings for sure but may also come on others.  I could not be happier that he has the same passion for photography that I have.  I will post more about him soon but I know we have many, many fun shoots together ahead!

Okay enough about that, I know they are waiting for a sneak, so here are some of my favorites…

Here is the “Penny Loafer” shot…

And now for MY favorite…

If you or your group need any kind of publicity shots like these, I would love to help you with those.  I really enjoyed doing this kind of session and will definitely be looking to do more.

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