A Little Girl Who Has Stolen Our Hearts!|Ohio Photographer

Here is the little girl I promised to introduce you to a few posts back.  This tiny little girl has stolen the hearts of so many in just two short months!  We all would gladly give our hearts to her because that is exactly what she needs…a new heart!  This is Baby Mya {or Miss Mya as so many choose to call her!} and she is a doll baby.  She was born to some friends of our family almost two months ago.  They knew when she was born that she would be fighting for her life and that is exactly what she is… a little fighter.  So many people around the WORLD have heard Mya’s story and are lifting her up in prayer constantly.  The thing that touchs me the most about her story is the faith her mommy and daddy have.  They know that WHATEVER her future holds, she is in God’s loving hands.   They have given her to the Lord and trust his every plan for her life.

My daughter Abby and I recently had the pleasure to go to the children’s hospital and “Mya-sit”.  We were both a little nervous but let me tell you, she made us both feel right at home!  We walked in not really knowing what we would find or what we should do.  As soon as we saw her though, we new exactly what to do!  We just loved on her for a few precious hours!  She was wide awake for awhile, took a little nap and then she was ready to play again {well, just lay there and watch us watching her.}  I took my camera and took a few pictures for mommy and daddy.  I know this is not what they are going to want to remember about their little girl’s first few months of life but every little girl needs a photo shoot, right?  Here are just a few of my favorites from our time with Miss Mya…

Mya is currently on the waiting list for a new heart and knowing about her situation makes Organ Donation so much more real to me.  I encourage each of you to pray for Mya.  She is stable right now but still has a long, long way to go.  She, like any other little baby, need to be held by her mommy , carried by her daddy and spoiled by her grandparents.  She has a big brother waiting to protect her , two cousins wanting to play with her and lots and lots of family and friends just wanting to see her grow up.  Please pray for God’s peace and strength for her family and healing for her tiny body.  We all know what needs to happen for her to live a full and long life and our hearts break for the family that need to make the decision for organ dontation.  Please pray for this family too because their situation is a whole lot different from Mya’s.  Pray for God’s comfort and strength as they make this decision!  Please also consider what  Organ Donation means in your own life.  Death is inevidible but being able to give life at the same time is a miracle!  I ask you to pray right now for Mya and the heart God has waiting for her!

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