The Leach Family|Ohio Family Photographer

This was probably one of the hardest sessions to just pick a few from.  I have so many favorites from this session and it is all because of this smiling little guy!  Mom really wanted some without his fingers in his mouth but he was so cute sucking his thumb!  I promise mom we did get some without the fingers  :).  I planned this session mainly around the idea of them playing with their son.  Mom brought books, balls and we even planned a little ice cream to end the session with!  It’s just too bad the ice cream parlor was such a popular place at this particular time!  We settled for a few goats and cows to round out our session.

Mom and dad, sorry about getting us a bit lost but I think you will be pleased with what we were able to capture!

I mean come on… How cute is that little face?!!!

Their love for him was so evident throughout the entire session!  I loved this session!

One thought on “The Leach Family|Ohio Family Photographer

  1. Tammy these are beautiful! Love the colors! Love the fingers in the mouth 🙂 My favorites are the one of him sitting with Mom & Dad’s legs and the last one. Great job!! 🙂


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