I Shot Mark Twain|Ohio Photographers

The other night I had the complete honor and privilege of shooting Mark Twain!  Okay, maybe not the real Mark Twain but a VERY close look alike.  Stephen Hollen is a local storyteller, humorist and motivational speaker who performs at schools, churches, businesses, festivals and conferences. I linked his website so if you are in need of a speaker, you might want to check him out.

We met for some updated head shots and focused mainly on his Mark Twain character but also got a few in his storyteller outfit.  I learned a lot of interesting information about Mr. Twain and I am not sure I would have actually liked photographing him myself.   Apparently, he was a pretty dark character who very rarely smiled.  He had many interesting quirks including one where he really only liked to be photographed while seated.  We tried to duplicating a famous shot of Mr. Twain that you can see below and I think we captured it quite well!   Sorry the original is not a good resolution but you get the idea.

I also want to tell all the  photographers out there about my friend Jessica Feely’s Creative Blogging Actions.  They are so amazing!  I used to do something very similar with my blog images but these are so easy to use!  Check them out and if you decide to purchase them, you will NOT be sorry!

Dayton, Ohio Photographer

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