Caroline ~Part II|Ohio Senior Photographer

We met today for part two of Caroline’s session and I must say the heat and humidity was much more bearable! The weather actually was perfect.  The place her mom picked was unbelievable and Caroline was adorable!  We went to an old Bed & Breakfast and found some really cool spots to shoot at.  Around the property there were Butterfly Bushes and hundreds of butterflies.   The lady who takes care of the property said that there usually are not that many but they must have came out  just for our shoot.  Caroline wanted to catch one and by the end we had them all over us.  {We also ended up with several in our car on our ride home.  I almost turned around and took them back because I felt like I kidnapped them! 😦 }

One thing that is really important to me when I shoot are the EYES! I love when my client’s eyes sparkle.  Often times this can be achieved by having them face the sun if it is not too bright but in shade you might need to add in a little reflector.   Something else that is important is to make sure the eyes are sharp.  I do this by placing my focal point directly over the nearest eye to me.  I love shooting wide open with my aperture so my depth of field will be shallow {or blurred} and getting the eyes sharp can sometimes be a little tricky.  That is when taking a couple of the same shot can come in handy. {I have a problem with having a heavy trigger finger and have been teased for it!}   When I go through and pick out my favorites, my main focus is on making sure the eyes are SHARP.  Notice the twinkle in Caroline’s eyes and also how beautiful they are!

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