Meet Cory ~ 2011 Senior|Ohio Senior Photographer

I met Cory at his girlfriend’s session a few weeks ago.  I liked him immediately!  During her session, I over heard them talking about Cory’s accident.  Looking at him, I had no idea he was in a near fatal accident just months prior.  Many of you might remember the story from the news or you might have even joined the group “I am Praying for Cory Lundy” on Facebook.  Well, this is him and from looking at these pictures you would never know he was in an eleven day coma with a tramatic brain injury.  To read more about his accident and recovery, check out the links above.

Minutes into his session, he had all of us laughing hysterically and continuously!  I should have added all the funny out-takes I took from his session but I will leave those for him to share in his gallery! {Okay, I added one!}

Cory, I LOVED your session and I have enjoyed getting to know both you and Shelby! Have a great senior year and keep in touch!

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