{C} Newborn|Ohio Newborn Photographer

I would like to introduce you to a new little addition to the {C} family.  The only thing better about adding a little boy to the family would be if he had two adorable brothers waiting for him.  This family is filled with cuteness and lots and lots of energy {the boys that is}.  I am looking forward to seeing this little guy grow up and try to keep up with his older brothers.

While I worked with momma and the new baby in the front room, dad was keeping the other two occupied with a movie and lunch.  I could have stayed all day and listened to the conversations going on between them.  It was absolutely adorable!  I heard them re-enacted Bible Stories, learn about table manners, and think up ways to help mommy out when daddy goes back to work.  These three little boys are truly blessed to have these two for parents and our church is blessed that the dad is also one of our pastors.  This shoot was mainly focused on the new baby but I hope to bring you more of the whole family someday!

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