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A Tribute to My Mother-in-Law|Ohio Photographer

Most people have a mother-in-law horror story that they could share. I can honestly say that I do NOT!  I can’t tell you a mother-in-law joke or tell you a time when I was annoyed or angry with mine.  I have been Patricia {Pat} Ann Chavies’  daughter-n-law for over 19 years and it has been nothing but good!  This past week she passed away after battling cancer for over 14 years.  Most of the time I have known her, she has been fighting it.  She had been diagnosed with breast cancer years before when her boys were only 10 and  8 years old.  She fought it then and fought it again for most of the time that I knew her.  She had great doctors, a wonderful husband to care for her,  lots of family and friends to support her but the one thing that got her through it was her faith in our Heavenly Father.   In all of her years of battling cancer, I NEVER once heard her complain or say “Why me?”  She often went and helped others at the doctor’s office or at church who were going through the same thing.   She taught children’s Sunday School for years, played the organ at our church, sang in the choir, and was a nurse at a local hospital.   At the funeral, our pastor’s wife read through a list of qualities that a Christian woman should strive to be and I can say each and every one described my mother-n-law.  If she was able to make it to church, she was there.  If she could share her faith with someone, she did.  If she had to try a new chemo or radiation technique,  she did it without complaining.   If someone needed encouragement, she gave it.  If someone was new to our church, she welcomed them.  The list could go on and on.  Cancer may have been throughout her body but she did NOT let it hold her back from living her life for Christ.

She passed away in Hospice on Wednesday morning at 8:45.  Despite the fact it had been a 14 year battle, it happened very quickly.  She had not even been in Hospice for 2 days and we were just not prepared to say goodbye so quickly.  We know she is in a better place and we know she was ready to go meet her Lord and Savior but letting go is just so hard.

I cannot thank this woman enough for the son that she raised, the example she was to my children, or the friend she was to me.  She was a wonderful mother, grandmother and mother-in-law and she will be greatly missed.  I am honored to have had her in my life and her courage and Christian testimony will always be remembered.

Here are a few of the pictures we found and displayed at the funeral.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and thoughts for my family.  We have felt every prayer and have felt so cared for and loved during this time.  Thank you also to all my clients for your patience as I have stepped away from my computer and just loved on my family.   Normally, if I am not at my computer editing or working on something, I feel guilty.  NOT this week.  Even though the orders were coming in, clients had to be rescheduled and things just had to wait, I knew they would still be there when I was ready.  I do apologize for the delay, but I know you understand.

2 thoughts on “A Tribute to My Mother-in-Law|Ohio Photographer

  1. Pat was there to help me when I was diagnosed with cancer and she was so supportive. I remember working with her during a vacation bible school when it was obvious that she was in pain, but she never complained and handled it with a grace that was amazing. She was the first person I sought out when I was diagnosed for hope. She was the embodiment of hope and grace. I’ll miss her. Thanks for sharing Tammy.


  2. Tammy,this is probably one of the most beautiful tributes I’ve ever had the privelege of reading. What a wonderful way to express yourself through your gift you are sharing with others in words and pictures!


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