The {L} Family|Ohio Family Photographer

This is not the first time this family has graced my blog.  I did a session awhile back for their son’s first birthday that you can see HERE.   Mom, who is a fellow photographer, emailed me and said she had promise her husband that they would not invest in more pictures until his second birthday.  She went on to say, “She Lied!”  That cracked me up.  Since she is also a photographer, she knows that having your families pictures taken is not just a purchase you decide to make but an investment.  Yeah, we might not be as cheap a some of the department or mall stores, but you are not getting the same product either.   It’s okay to have those done once in awhile but treat yourself and your family every now and then with custom photography.  HERE is a link, I have shared before, but it is an nice reminder why we do what we do.  It explains what custom photography is and why it IS an investment.

This mom gets it and I love that!

We tried desperately to find another good day for their session since we are running out of descent weather.  Sunday, we succeeded!  It was a tiny bit chilly but compared to the other days we tried, it was perfect.  We wanted to go totally different from our last session so we went a bit “urban”.  I adore urban sessions and this one even came with a drug bust a block a way! 🙂 Seriously!

But first we found a field…

This little guy is the one in my blog header.  He is growing up so fast!  Love the tie mom!! He made this “fish face” the last time too! I love it! Love these sessions!

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