“It’s Snow Time”

UPDATE:  As soon as I wrote this, the snow melted. 😦  If you would like to get on the list for the next big snow, shoot me an email and I will contact you when we have more snow.

Ladies and Gentlemen,  it is time for those snow pictures!!!  I have several clients who wanted to wait for the snow and it is here now and my break is almost over.  Sadly, I did not get much done but I am ready to start shooting a few sessions in the snow.  Contact me if you are ready to brave the snow and get some awesome shots! We can wait for the next big one if you want because I have a feeling we are going to get a lot of snow this year.

I have posted two recent snow sessions {this one below included} and in all honesty we were only outside for 15 minutes tops!  We were freezing!!!  Just so you know, these sessions will be short and sweet unless we have awesome weather and can last longer.

Bekah, had her first session over the summer but LOVES the winter colors so we jumped outside for a few.  This girl is also all about the shoes so we took another shot of those.   For the record, I tried to keep her feet dry but she wanted to venture into the deeper snow to get the shot!

My kind of girl!

Artist Favorite!!

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