“Smyles for Mya!”

I am sure you all remember this precious little girl that we have been praying for this past year.   If you do not know what I am talking about, I encourage you to stop right now and go read her story.  It is incredible!  You can read  it  HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

As I re-read over the four entries I have done about Mya, I was moved to tears yet again by her story.  She is an amazing little girl and has the most wonderful parents and big brother any little girl could ask for.  I am so blessed to know this family and I was honored when they asked me to come take some family pictures of them when they were home and settled with Miss Mya. I have been waiting for the day when I could capture this family all together under their own roof.

Before I get to the pictures, let me tell you a little about Mya’s big brother {L}.  He is such a sweet, smiley, ball of pure energy!  This little 3 year old boy has been through a lot too!  Not only did he not get to meet his new sister until months after she was born but he had to share his mommy and daddy with her in a way most little boys don’t have to.  There were many, many months where one parent was with Mya and one with him.   His mommy and daddy did an AMAZING job of taking care of BOTH of them during this time but can you just imagine how you could come to resent this little sister who is taking your mommy and daddy away from you so much and you don’t even know her yet.

Well, this is how Mr. {L} feels about his baby sister…

He absolutely adores her!

He met us at the door with a huge smile on his face and was ready to “play”!  Keep in mind I said “play”, not get his picture taken.  He did not want to hold still long enough for me to take his picture.  Any shot I was going to get of him had to be quick!  The candy I usually bribe kids with was not even going to work!  More than anything he wanted to help us take pictures.  We let him play with one of our extra flashes and that was the end of it.


Here is a shot of him helping with the shoot.

I was able to get a few quick shots off before he was a blur in front of my camera. Now on to Miss Mya who is such a happy little girl now at home with her family.  Her story is a true miracle and a reminder to us all how precious life is.  This little fighter is here because of our AWESOME God , her amazing doctors, her loving family, millions of prayers lifted up for her and one incredibly generous donor family!

The 5K that was run in honor of Mya was called “Myles for Mya”.  I have titled this post “Smyles for Mya”.

Here is why…

Those smiles are so precious!

Here is another of Mr. {L} and Miss Mya together.  It was amazing how gentle he was around his baby sister.  All that energy came to a complete stop when he was next to her.  He did not want to hurt or upset her in any way.

Now for some mommy, daddy snuggle time! Notice the camera in our little assistant photographer’s hand!

Please consider Organ Donation.  These pictures alone should say it all!

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