Week 1|Project 52

I am not one who likes to be in front of the camera.  Never have and never will!  I am perfectly fine being behind the camera and taking someone else’s picture.  {Since I have made it my career, I should hope so, right?}  I mentioned last week that I joined a group of  photographers in a 52 Week Photo Challenge.  Each week we get a new topic or “challenge” to stretch us creatively.  The first week was a self-portrait.  I did not sign up with the group until after the deadline for the self-portrait.  Yeah!  I thought I was off the hook but then I decided if I did not do it, I would feel awful when I got to the end and only had 51 weeks completed.  I also have been wanting to update my headshot so I figured this was my chance.  Scary!!!

So here it is!  I actually cheated a bit on it though but since I did not have to submit it, I gave myself some slack.  I did not actually push the button.  My 10 year old daughter did.  Shhh… She was so proud of herself!  I set up the shot and then told her how to move the focal point  around until it was over one of my eyes. {This is really hard to do on yourself!}  I taught her how to focus the shot and how to push the button.  VIOLA!  She did it and I was happy with the outcome considering how I HATE being in front of the camera.  Here are two shots she took that I liked.  Notice the awesome new backdrop I recently purchased and am dying to use for my senior girls!!!

Okay, I know they are very similar but I could not decided which I like the most.

After she was done, I saw my other backdrop that I also recently purchased and decide to see how it photographed.  I could not find my daughter but my 11 year old son was willing.  Here is what he captured.  Again, same pose but when you are trying to hide your chins, you don’t have many options! 🙂

See, you can even notice my thumb pushing up on my chin to keep it in place! 🙂

Okay, so don’t think I LOVE having my picture take now but I did like the outcome somewhat, I love that my kids took them and I adore my new backdrops so that is why I am sharing them.  {Also, because I told you I would and because my friend Photoshop was available to help out a bit!}

Try taking your own self-portrait!  It IS difficult and a little un-nerving as well!

3 thoughts on “Week 1|Project 52

  1. Hah, Tammy, I can totally relate to this post! It was really difficult trying to take a picture of myself! Nothing to focus on! I used a kid to push the button as well. lol And I love the whole “thumb holding up the chin” thing. I will try that for myself in the future as well! These turned out really great! Love the backgrounds as well! 🙂


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