A Birth Story~Baby {G}

A few months ago, a friend of mine was due to have her second baby and asked if I would want to be in the delivery room.  I immediately said “YES!”  I had NO idea what a long day I was getting myself into!  Having had 4 of my own, you would THINK I would remember how unpredictable babies can be but I did not.  I loved the idea of offering “Delivery Room” photography and since I have been asked a few times, I thought this would be a good practice run.

She text me at 4:30 that morning telling me the time had come and she would keep me posted.  Well, of course fear set in and I started to panic that I would miss the whole thing.  I could not go back to sleep so I got up and worked a little just waiting.  I waited as long as I could and then I decided I better make a run to the store for more batteries {just in case}.  While there, she text me again saying it would be awhile and to just wait until around lunch.  “Okay, breath.  You can do this!”  I thought to MYSELF!  I loaded up and headed over around lunch time knowing I could not stay too long because I had a senior scheduled already that afternoon.  I got there, took some “Waiting” shots and then had to leave.

I love this shot of momma and her sister waiting and watching contractions together!

I was so bummed when I left because I thought for sure I would miss the whole thing!  NOPE!  Hours later baby {G} was still not ready to come out and have his first photo shoot with me!  We waited again and by now mommy is in MAJOR PAIN!  So much pain that the idea of having her picture taken was NOT what she had in mind!  I decide to wait just in case she changed her mind or if she wanted pictures of him right after birth.  It got to the point that me and some of the other family members thought we might head home for awhile.  We started to leave AND THEN BAM!  He was coming!!!

She wanted pictures now but logistically I could just not get in there in time but I did get in moments later as he was taking his first breathes and looking around.  I feel so fortunate to have been apart of his precious first moments!

Welcome to the world Baby {G}!

That’s better! I LOVE this one with mommy! Daddy and big sis! A few days later, I got to have my second shoot with Baby {G}.  He came over and we just played!  Mommy brought a favorite outfit and I pulled out some fun newborn hats.  He was the perfect baby and having been at his birth, made this time even more special!  So if you ask me after ALL those hours of waiting if I will ever do “Delivery Room” Photography again, my answer is “YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!”  I loved it!

I was so bummed because I was sure I was going to miss the whole thing.

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