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Oh, How I Love Change!

Yes, I REALLY do love change!  I love January because it is a fresh start for the new year and along with that comes resolutions {or change}!  I had a lot of things I wanted to change this year and many of those changes had to do with my business.  I have not put up my 2011 goals like I usually do {I know it is now February!} but I AM thinking about them and working through a few of them.   I will let you know when I publish them for all the world to see.

The first change I wanted to accomplish had to do with my website and blog.  The website change was easy.  I just simply turned it off!  DONE! Why?  Well, it is a  real pain to update and I never really did it much for that reason.  Also because I LOVE my blog so much that I decided {for now at least} to combine the two.  My husband and I have been talking over the blog for awhile now and  have decide to go with a more “Editorial/Fashion” feel.  We want the blog to be fresh and clean with no real color distractions.  {I had to add a “little “color though or I would get bored!}  We want the photos to be the main focus.  I think I have it where I want it but if you know me, I will change things as I get bored. You can still see my portfolio like you could on the website but now it is down the side of the blog.  Hopefully, I will update it a bit more now.

My second change has come with my Senior Model Program.  It is that time again to recruit Senior Models to help me  promote my business in the local high schools.  So far, I am thrilled with the response.  I have some awesome seniors for next year and I cannot wait to start shooting them!  I am changing my program up a bit this year but I am super excited about what I have planned.  For those who have already applied, I will be getting information out to you soon.  If you would still like to apply, visit the information tab at the top and click Senior Model Application {2012}.  I still have room for a few and I need GUYS too!  Here is a sneak at what they will be receiving!

Another big change has occurred in the studio.  I have purchased some fun new backdrops and I have tons of ideas for this year.  Hopefully this weekend, things will fall into place and the studio will be complete.

Okay, that is enough change updates for now but more will come soon enough! Stay tuned…

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