It is “Rock the Dress” Time Again

Okay ladies, it’s that time again!  Prom is right around the corner and I know you are going to want to remember that FABULOUS dress you just spent so much time looking for.  I am doing my annual “Rock the Dress” promotion again.  Here is how it works.  Your session fee is $25 each person and you need a minimum of four to participate  with a maximum of six in your group.  So grab your friends and choose a cool location.  It can be downtown for  a cool urban vibe or maybe an open field for a more rural look.  Does your family own a farm we could shoot at or would you prefer a junk yard? 🙂 We can also do studio if you would like.  Let’s make these fun with a high fashion flair!  We will go out and shoot for an hour and then I will post them in a private gallery for you and your friends to choose from.

I will not be in town the night of prom but I have had several people ask if I could take picture that night for them.  Since I can’t, this is the next best thing!  I am scheduling these AFTER prom so you will not be as worried about your dress and we can be a little more daring.  I want these sessions to be fun and I want you to feel like “America’s Next Top Model” during your shoot!  My May calendar is filling up quick so contact me soon for more information!




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