Kelli ~ 2011 Senior

The 2011 Senior are still coming!  Their senior year may quickly be coming to a close but I still have few more to shoot.  If this weather ever gives us a break, that is.  Today is Mother’s Day and it is GORGEOUS outside!  {HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MOM!}  I do happen to have one senior and her family scheduled today so I get to take advantage of this beautiful weather.  WOOHOO!  The one I am shooting today has had to reschedule three times due to rain and Kelli, the one below, had to reschedule once.  This rain is not playing nice with my schedule!

We were rained on for this one too but we just drove to clear skies and shot when we could.  We literally looked in the sky and noticed it was not cloudy over one of our locations and shot there first.  Kelli did a great job and I love how Bekah did her hair and makeup.  I LOVE when seniors request grunge and Kelli was all for it!  We found some really good grunge areas and I am thrilled with how her session turned out!

Kelli, you did so good and I loved working with you!  Oh and by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


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