On-Location Shoot

Hannah|2011 Senior

2011 Seniors are almost done.  Almost…I think!  I do have one more and then my focus will turn to 2012.  I cannot believe how fast time is flying by us all.  It seems so weird to be looking ahead to 2012 already.  Where has time gone?  I am a little bummed this week because my oldest is about to get her driving temps.  She is excited and I am excited for her too but where did my little girl go?  I mean I am going to love the fact that I will no longer be the “taxi” mom after she has her license but does it have to be happening so fast?  More on that in another post but I am sure a lot of senior moms are feeling the same thing!  If we could only slow time down just a bit so we could enjoy them a little while longer.

Okay, back to Hannah.  Our schedules finally agreed on a time and place and we made it happen.  I told her we could meet at 11am on her day.  {I NEVER shoot at that time because I like the light so much better in the evening.} We had not seen the sun in so long that  I did not really even think about it.  My husband even asked me why I did that but I said “It will be cloudy so it should be fine!”  Well, guess what? We had a beautiful sunny day which was wonderful but not at 11:00 at the middle of the day.  It actually turned out great and the sun cooperated with us along with some big fluffy clouds I used to diffuse the sun.

I had a lot of fun shooting Hannah and wish her all the best next year!



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