Senior Models

Kayla ~ 2012 Senior Model|Xenia High School

Kayla is one of my Xenia High School Senior Models this year and we were able to get outside for her location shoot this past weekend.  You can see her first session here.  Kayla was able to find us some of the most beautiful grunge I have ever seen! Yes, I did just say that. 🙂  Someone asked me recently if I see places differently now that I am a photographer and pick out places for future shoots.  The answer was most definitely “Yes!”, but my eye is drawn more to grungy locations.  If I see a warehouse or old fallen down barn, I immediately make a mental note to come back or at least try to get permission to come back to shoot there.  If you know of any great locations grungy or not, please let me know and I will be forever grateful!

When Kayla took me to her choice of locations, I was thrilled. I walked around while she was changing and found some SUPER grungy spots and then convinced myself that they might just be a little TOO grungy.  {GASP!!} When mom saw it she said to just go for it and I did!! 🙂

Kayla, I loved your choice and you did awesome!  Here are a few of the less grungy shots but I think Kayla looks amazing in them.

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