The Matthews ~ {Family Mini Sessions}

When mom contacted me about FALL family pictures,  a twinge of panic shot through me.  Where would I find good fall color when almost all of the leaves have fallen in our town?  As I drove around the next few days, I kept my eyes out for any trees that could be used as a possible backdrop.  Two days before our scheduled shoot, I found it!  I was out with Mandy from my last session and as I rounded the corner of a building, there it was.  The most beautiful yellow tree and most of it’s leaves where still intact!  BINGO!  I knew this was the spot!

When the day came, I took this sweet family there excited to show them “our” tree and guess what?  Half of the leaves were on the ground.  At first I was a bit disappointed until we decided a leaf fight was in order.  I enjoyed this family so much and I think I have found one of my senior models several years down the road!

Again, I am feeling a bit vintage-y in a few.

 Would you just look at how gorgeous mom’s eyes are! This is the image that jumped out at me as soon as I downloaded my card.  Technically not great but those smiles just made me melt!Yep, that’s her! My Senior Model 20??!

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