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Reflecting on 2011 ~ What a Great Year!

2011 is almost to a close so it is time to reflect and prepare for the coming year.  This is one of my favorite times of the year.  Mainly because we have just recharged as a family over the Christmas season but also because it is time to start afresh.  I get anxious to clean, organize, de-clutter and get my life back on track from a crazy few months of senior and family sessions.    I love taking a little breathier and then looking back at last year’s goals and seeing what I was able to accomplish. Then coming up with new goals to challenge myself for the next year is also fun.  Sadly, I did not post last year’s goals like I have in the past but I did have some to work towards.  I am happy with where I ended in 2011 and that is enough for me.
A studio was NOT on my list at the beginning of the year but by mid year it became a necessity.  Having my own studio has been wonderful!  It was a HUGE step and one I was terrified to make but I am glad I did.  Having somewhere to meet with clients and a warm dry place to shoot in has been amazing.   Getting all my props and backgrounds out of my house has been another positive.  I had no idea how much I had accumulated.  I love having the studio available and the flexibility to come up with new ideas in my own space.  Starting to do in-studio Ordering Appointments has been a big help too.  Instead of having my clients try to figure out the shopping cart themselves, I can now help walk them through their ordering process and help make it go a little smoother.   They also can see samples on display too which I love.
For 2011, we ended with more weddings under our belt and lots of amazing seniors.  I was able to use the studio for my newborn sessions and implemented a baby and kids program.  I will be blogging more about those in the coming weeks. We added more camera equipment, tons of props,  new backdrops,  and I became a Mac girl!  One goal I have had since I started was to find an amazing couch to use for sessions. Well, this year I FOUND IT!!! I love it and cannot wait to use it in the studio or in a field.  It is absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait to put my first toddler girl on it with the matching leg warmers and hat that came with it!!!
I have many changes to share with you for the coming year but if I do it now, this blog with be ginormous!!   So for now, let me end by saying a HUGE thank you to my clients for hanging with me for 2011 and making this a wonderful year.  I met so many great people that I can now call friends.  The studio will continue being used over the winter months so don’t hesitate to call and schedule a session.  Newborns, kids, seniors and families are my main focus for 2012 so let’s kick things off with a bang in January!  Stay tuned for all the 2012 news coming very soon.

Happy New Year!!!!

Below is a slideshow of some of my 2011 favorites.  Enjoy and again THANK YOU again to all my wonderful clients!

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