Studio Shoot

The Little Princess Who Came to Visit | Boutique Babies

This little princess stopped by the studio for her 9 month session.  I am so glad I do not have hidden cameras in the studio to record how stupid I  act trying to get little ones to look at the camera and smile.  It seems lately I have been doing everything but standing on my head.  {I am going to start practicing that little trick very soon!}

One of my favorite things about little people are their little toes!  I love chunky baby toes.  When they get bigger, not so much.  I worked in a shoe department when I was younger and I have to say I do NOT like feet but baby feet are a whole different story.

She brought a little friend with her too.  His name is Moe.  Aren’t they just adorable together?!

Here are a few of my favorites from her session…

 We worked REALLY hard to get a shot of her in the hat.  This is the closest we got before she whipped it off.  I love the tongue too!

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