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Are Your Senior Pictures Done Yet?!!!

Are you a senior who is about to graduate and just NOW realized you have NOT had your senior pictures taken yet?

Insert {SCREEEEAAAAM} here!

Don’t worry, you are NOT alone!

You are NOT alone and it is NOT too late!

  It is NOT too late but the deadline IS coming.

 If you want your pictures back in time for graduation {and why wouldn’t you, right?}, your session MUST be held in March or April.

 You can check out my available dates here.

I wanted to do a post and let you know what your options are.  I have added a few different sessions too so be sure to check them out.  You can now make your choice based on how long you want to shoot for and where you want to go.  A deposit is required with each session along with a Portrait Agreement.  You will receive your entire deposit back as credit towards your order. {The “Senior Experience” is the only exception. Some from that session goes to the Hair and Makeup Artist}.  An Ordering Appointment is also included along with any pre-planning you want to do.

If you still need to book, look at your options below, check out my available dates and then shoot me an email.  We can go from there.  I will be on vacation the middle of March so those dates are not available.  We have the end of March and all of April to get your session done and your order placed by the first of May.  If you wait too long, a rush charge may be applied to your order.  Just keep that in mind.

I saw this quote on Pintrest and I loved it!

“Lack of planning on YOUR part, does not constitute an emergency on MY part!”

Seriously though, I will do everything in my power to get your session scheduled, images shot, gallery edited, products designed, order placed, and in your hands in time for graduation but PLEASE do your part and don’t wait until the last minute.  🙂

My family and sanity will thank you!

Here are your options…

 Email me at to book your session now.

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