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Spring Cleaning & A Perfect Vacation

I have decided it is time to do a little spring cleaning around here on the blog.  I am sure you have noticed the cobwebs and dust hanging around where fresh new blog posts should be. Well it is time to clean out those cobwebs and make room for lots of new sessions and studio news. How about two Limited Edition Mini Sessions for you to choose from?

I have two coming your way soon so stay tuned.

Okay, so why the long absence and long breaks between posts?  We are currently wrapping up our spring family vacation and I have enjoy my time of stepping away from everything and enjoying my family.  The last few years we have gone with daddy to Florida where he has business meetings. We take in a little beach time, seafood, family game time, movies, shopping and some just good old belly laughs with one another.  We watched “Jack and Jill ” one night in the hotel and just like Jill, “I CRAVE this family time!” Unfortunately,  my oldest son has not been feeling great the last few days and long trips in the car are not what he is looking forward to.  Hopefully he will sleep! I have managed to read several books while we have been away which is something I love to do but rarely get a chance to do.  Time away has a way of rejuvenating me and makes me look forward to the next season ahead. Bring on the Spring sessions!

Wednesday, I will be back in the studio and ready to go. I am more than ready actually! I am excited! I miss shooting outside and I have a new Nikon D800 on it’s way! WooHoo! I cannot wait to break that new puppy in!

If you still need your senior pictures taken or you would like some bunny pictures taken of your kiddos, contact me and I will save you a slot. Bunny info is coming soon. 🙂

Okay, now back to family time.  See you soon with some fresh new blog posts!

This was taken this morning as we watched the sun come up over the ocean.

 Pure bliss…

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