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Studio Monday-Summer Special

You may have noticed a few blog posts and Facebook updates lately.  Sorry if I am flooding your feeds but I am finally catching up!!!! Spring season is right around the corner and I finally feel like I have a grasp on the fall.  If I have not blogged your session, it should be in the line-up.  If you are patiently waiting until yours is up, shoot me an email and I will make it happen sooner.  I have recently made lots of changes to my business and I feel some clarity coming on.  With a more focused look at seniors, changing my pricing structure, finding some awesome business tools, I feel ready for the next busy season.  I have started using a “Create Your Own” pricing structure that I think will allow for more customizing of the products you can choose.  I add frames to the mix.  I have a few new products I am very excited about as well.  I have also decided that Mondays on the blog will be used for studio news, announcements and to showcase some of the new products I will be offering.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be showcasing recent sessions. Also on Fridays I may through in a personal post now and then.  Having a plan, I think will help me run things a little more smoothly.  {Cross your fingers my plan makes it through the next season!}

The big announcement I want to make this “Studio Monday” is my Summer Special for the class of 2014!

If you book AND hold  your session during the summer, you will receive an extra $100 in credit for FREE!!  You need to hold either a Basic, Ultimate or Senior Experience Session in June, July, or August.  In additions to implementing the new “Create Your Own” Collections, I have also added some ordering incentives.  When you reach certain levels with your order, you will earn FREE product. You CAN use your FREE summer credit to help you get to the next level!

Why am I doing this?

Well, by having you book earlier it spreads out my work load.  Most wait until Fall and that is when I become a CRAZY woman.  If you book in the summer, it helps me so why not give you a little extra as a thank you.  Book now to take advantage of my need for sanity later! 🙂

This year I will also be implementing a Waiting List instead of trying to cram everyone in. This will help keep my work load manageable but also makes sure I don’t compromise my customer service. Book early so you don’t make “The List”!

If you are wanting to be the face of Tammy Chavies Photography for 2014, all you need to do is book your summer session before May 31st.  In addition to your fun summer session, you will be included in a Group Model Shoot in June.  We will shoot in several different locations and get some great group and individual shots.  I will use these images for our new 2014 Studio Magazine.  As a model of the magazine, you will receive your own copy as well as having those images to choose from at your Ordering Appointment.   You will also receive your very own mobile phone app to share with family and friends that include these shots.

Blog Re-Cap

Book a summer session now and get $100 in FREE credit!

Book your summer session before May 31st to be a 2014 Senior Model!

Book your session by call 937.367.4174 or emailing me at

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