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Bailee – Greeneview High School

Meet Bailee!  She is one of my VIP Models from Greeneview High School.  Her session was shoot on her grandparent’s beautiful property.  Here is a mix of some from our VIP Model Day and some from her regular session.  If you know Bailee, ask her about her experience with TCP.

Bailee Krajicek-100_BLOG.jpg
Bailee Krajicek-105_BLOG.jpg
Bailee Krajicek-107_BLOG.jpg
Bailee Krajicek-120_BLOG.jpg
Bailee Krajicek-123_BLOG.jpg
Bailee Krajicek-118_BLOG.jpg
Bailee Krajicek-110_BLOG.jpg
Bailee Krajicek-133_BLOG.jpg
Bailee Krajicek-132_BLOG.jpg
Bailee Krajicek-134_BLOG.jpg
Bailee Krajicek-145_BLOG.jpg
Bailee Krajicek-149_BLOG.jpg
Bailee Krajicek-151_BLOG.jpg

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