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Jordan – Wilmington H.S.

I am SO behind on blogging!!! I am so sorry ladies and gentlemen. I will work on this in the coming weeks. I promise! I am also revamping the studio so hang tight for some updates about that. One thing I am super pumped about is I am making the makeup area BIGGER!!! It is going to be so awesome! I will post pictures when it is done. I also just got back from an amazing lighting workshop called Enlighten with Jen Bertrand in Austin, Tx and I have some fantastic ideas for the shooting area! If you still need your senior pictures taken, NOW is the time to book. You get a free hour in the studio during the winter months so we can focus ONLY on outdoor shots when Spring finally rolls around. Contact me soon to book that!Now onto Jordan’s SUMMER shoot! Yes, I AM that far behind!

Jordan Quallen-100_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-103_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-107_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-108_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-111_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-110_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-115_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-117_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-119_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-123_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-120_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-121_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-125_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-126_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-131_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-128_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-132_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-133_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-135_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-137_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-140_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-144_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-141_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-145_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-147_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-152_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-148_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-153_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-155_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-154_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-156_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-157_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-163_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-168_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-169_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-172_BLOG.jpg

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