I am a retired senior photographer, momma to 4, and wife to an amazing man.  I am using this space to archive my past blog entries and client memories as well as be a creative outlet if I need it since closing my photography business. We will see what it becomes together.

I am going to see over the next few months who I am without a camera in my hands.  My camera has been such a big part of who I was that without it, I am not sure what is left.  We moved into a new home two years ago and we are just now about ready to make it our own.  We have some remodeling projects coming up, that I hope to document here as well.  We also have a wedding coming up in May.  My daughter Abigail is marrying Caleb on our property. We have lots of planning and preparing to do before the big day.  It will be fun to have a place to share those memories as well.  So if you have it in you, hang on.  This could be a fun and wild ride the next few months.

Thanks for stopping by!