Welcome to my new home. ¬†I know it is not as pretty or as shiny as the old place was but it is free so this will have to do for now. ūüôā I plan on re-decorating a bit after the holidays so check back!

I have been in the photography business for almost 10 years now and I have recently decide it was time to retire. ¬†Why? ¬†Well, I am really not sure. ¬†I have always loved what I do and I have always had the best clients but lately I feel like I am ready to try something new. ¬†I am not sure what that is as of right now but stepping away seems to be the right time. ¬†My website hosting was about to expire and since I would no longer need it for new clients, I made the decision to let my pretty website¬†go. ¬†The thought, however, of losing all my blog posts and client memories did not sit well with me. ¬†I searched for a way to keep them but not be investing in a business I no longer needed. ¬†This blog is the answer. ¬†I have never been a great blogger and I really don’t expect much from this one either but at least I have a place to come if I need a creative outlet. ¬† You won’t be getting an ERROR¬†message when you type in my name either, which was a HUGE¬†reason too if I am being honest! ¬†These last¬†9 years have NOT been a mistake and I did not want an ERROR taking up my space on the web!

I have been blessed to have shot many families, babies, weddings and best of all, ¬†too many wonderful seniors to count. ¬†I will miss being behind¬†my camera regularly but I am going to also make a conscious effort to shoot my own family more. ¬†Right now, I don’t know what the future holds but I do know I am excited to be a momma again and give my family my full focus and attention. ¬†No more late night editing marathons¬†(I will miss binge watching my favorite shows!)¬†or being gone in the evenings at dinner time. ¬†I also now have a wedding to help plan, which I am thrilled about!! ¬†I think I will find plenty to fill my time.

If you are a current client from this fall, don’t worry, we are not done. ¬†We still have snow pictures, graduation cards to design and cap & gown photos to take.

Thank you everyone who has read my blog in the past, let me shoot you in front of my camera, or have simply encouraged me in this journey.  I have loved every minute of it! I want to thank John, Abigail, Garrett, Jenna and Brayden personally for allowing me to be gone so much over the years while helping other families capture their memories.  I could not have done this without your support.  I love you guys and I am excited to see what the future holds for us.

I am blessed.

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Dayton Senior Photogapher – A Piece of My Heart

     There are a few changes coming to TCP in the next few months that I have been wanting to share with you. I have been wanting to write this post for awhile now but just did not know how to put what was in my heart into words. After much thought and lots of prayer, I have decide it is time to cut back a little.  I am NOT by any, means closing my business but I will be moving the studio to my home in Spring Valley and will be taking on a limited number of sessions next year.

     I opened the studio 5 years ago and have loved every minute in my space. Having my own studio had been a dream of mine since starting my business and I definitely saw advantage to having the space. Having a space to meet clients, do hair and makeup, conduct ordering appointments, and having an indoor shooting space has been a huge advantage. I loved getting to decorate the space to match my brand and have a space to display my beautiful client’s portraits. Since we moved to Spring Valley a year ago, however, I have started shooting there more often and have even used it for hair and makeup when we have been shooting close by. We bought this beautiful property in Spring Valley almost a year ago and finally the light bulb went off one day while shooting there. Why not move my studio here?

     I originally opened the studio because I could not run a business from my home in Xenia (which I had no idea when starting) but here in our new home, I can! It has actually been a doctor’s office and dentist office in the past. Shooting here will be extremely convenient as well. I have a perfect shooting area in my own backyard and a fantastic urban area just down the street. I will do hair and makeup here and client meetings as well.

     While I am sad to let the studio go, I am thrilled I won’t have the overhead that goes with it and I don’t have to worry about shoveling snow in the winter. (If you’ve noticed, I was not very good at that anyway!)

     Since I have decide to let the studio go, I have also decide to cut back on the amount of seniors I shoot each year. When I started this business 7 years ago, I had no intention of it becoming a full time business which it definitely has. I am first a wife, mom and homeschool teacher and once this business took off like it did, I have watched those other areas start to suffer. I want (no, I NEED) to change that. I am so thankful after years of shooting any and everything that I have finally found my passion in shooting seniors. When thinking about the changes I wanted to make for the coming year, I had a brief thought of closing down the studio all together but thankfully that thought was BRIEF. The thought of not shooting seniors actually made my stomach drop. I adore helping senior girls get ready for their shoots and seeing them step out of the makeup chair filled with confidence and excitement. While I don’t think girls need a ton of make up to be beautiful, the confidence they gain while sitting in that chair is what makes them beautiful. I love seeing them get pampered and the whole process of having their hair and makeup done adds to their senior session experience. They get to feel like a model for the day and who doesn’t love that!!

     I also don’t want to give up shooting guys either because they are just plan cool.  Seeing how most of these guy interacts with their mommas, just warms my heart. Having two son of my own, I know without a shadow of doubt, most are just there to make their mommas happy and I like making it as painless as possible for them but still making them look cool to their peers.

     So since I obviously can’t give it up, I have decided a healthy compromise would be to take on a limited amount of sessions next year. I will be rebranding a bit and changing up a few things over the winter months for my new seniors coming in 2016-2017.   If you are one of those lucky seniors, email me now to get on the list for when those limited dates will be released. I can promise you, they will go fast!  I completely sold out of my Fall dates during the summer of this year and spring is already filling up. I will be taking on about half of the number of sessions I have done in the past. To insure you get one of those limited spots, get on my VIP list now. I will release those dates, early spring of next year.

     By the end of November, I will be moving out of my downtown location and into my home studio. I will be selling lots of studio backdrops, props, furniture, etc.  If you are a photographer, contact me for what I will have available. In my new space, I will have room for a small shooting area but all my large backdrops will be sold. I will be posting on my Facebook page too what all is being sold. If anyone is looking for a space, I know of a fantastic place that will soon be available! ūüėČ

     Now that you know about a little piece of my heart that I will be leaving behind at 117 West Main Street in Xenia, please continue to follow my on Facebook & Instagram so you can see pictures of the new space.  Since I don’t have it ready yet and every post needs a few pictures, here are some unedited iPhone shots I took on our recent trip to New England.  We ran up to New York for a few days then went over to Boston and Cape Cod. We had a great time but as you can see from the pictures, it was gloomy, cold and rainy!! Those cute faces are three of the reasons I am cutting back next year.  Our older two kids stayed home for school and the dogs but they are a big part of my decision too.  I love photography but I miss being a mom and wife sometimes too.  I do not want to be staying up to all hours of the night either {like I am right now!}  That will definitely be a plus!

     Thanks for hanging in until the end and hearing about what has been in my heart lately.  Thank you also to all my clients and friends who have help make this journey so rewarding and fun.  It is definitely not over, I’m just traveling down a new path now that I am very excited to explore!

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Vacation 2013

This was a typical vacation for us.


We went with my husband on his annual business trip to the beach. ¬†Rough, I know! ¬†He did actually work while we were there but sadly there was not much beach time going on for the rest of us. ¬†It was FREEEEZZZING! ¬†Okay, while we were there, they were getting 7 inches of snow at home but this just was not what we were hoping for. ¬†We did, however, get to go back to our favorite pizza joint the first night there. ¬†Frank’s Pizza is a highlight of our trip every year. ¬†They are super huge pieces of deliciousness!

This year while waiting for our pizza we noticed a line forming across the boardwalk. ¬†A rather large line, I might add. ¬†We started talking to the own of Frank’s and found out that it was opening day for Britt’s Donuts. ¬†We decided right then what was for breakfast the next day. ¬†They were fantastic! ¬†They were so good we asked daddy to go out again the following day for more. ¬†That morning it happened to be very cold and raining but he still went. ¬†Happily too! ¬†LOVE THAT MAN! ¬†We have a new favorite for next year.

We also had our final meal at our favorite seafood restaurant  The Ocean Grill which is right on the beach. This is my favorite activity when we are there.  My daughter and I love sharing crab legs while we look for dolphins in the water.  They did not disappoint this year.

I promise our vacations don’t usually revolve around food but when it is cold and rainy out this is what we do.

The first pictures where taken on a brief trip to the beach but ended quickly due to the cold.  They are playing with the hacky sack they won at the arcade.

The next images were taken from our window one night.  While we were there the 9th Annual National Missing Persons Conference was going on in our hotel.  They met on the beach one night for  a candle lighting service in honor of the loved ones they had lost.   At they end, they released lanterns over the ocean. It was a very beautiful sight to see and reminded me of Tangled the movie.  All you could do is stand there praying for those lost and those that lost them.

  Our big plans for the week centered around my oldest daughter who happens to be a senior next year. {Hmmm, wonder who will do her pictures?}  We decided it would be fun to do some senior pictures while we were there.  We walked around the boardwalk the first night we got there after having our pizza and started planning all the cool locations we could use.  We planned to do a sunrise shoot the next morning and while it was chilly that night, we had high hopes for the morning.

We rolled out of bed {she actually had to get up before me to get ready :)} and headed out.  It was extremely cold and the water was like ice.  We lasted maaaayyybe 15 minutes.  We had fun but it was one of the shortest shoots I have ever done.  We thought we would head out later that day but it just got colder and colder and the next day it rained pretty much all day.  So below you will see what we were able to get in a quick amount of time.  The good thing is though, I have all year to shoot her!

And my favorite one so far… This is my girl!


For My Daddy!

This is a blog I wrote several years ago on my father’s birthday. ¬†Today, 10 years ago, he passed away from his battle with cancer. ¬†I went back to read this post tonight and it brought back many memories, several tears and a few chuckles. One memory I have is sitting with my dad in Hospice a few days before he died and watching the premier of the Christmas Shoes. ¬†If you have seen the movie, you know how sad it is but imagine watching it in this situation . ¬†While that sounds terrible, I would not change that time with him for anything. ¬†There is one line in the movie when the little boy asks his mom why Heaven is taking her. ¬†She replies that Heaven is not taking her but instead RECEIVING her. ¬†I liked that statement and have held onto that all these years. ¬†I miss my dad terribly but I KNOW where he is and he is happy where he is! ¬†I will see him again someday but until then I have wonderful memories to hang onto.

Here is the the post I wrote on his birthday on May 26th, 2009…


***Update*** I have always loved this picture of my dad, but I never knew who took it or where it came from.  My mom later told me that I took it!!  Wow, that makes it even more special to me.  I am honored to have taken this picture of my dad and will cherish it even more now!

Today, I want to dedicate this blog to my dad Timothy Franklin Lawson.  Today is his 62nd birthday but he is not here for us to celebrate it with him.  He died of cancer on December 3,2002.  My dad was the most incredible dad ever {besides my husband who is an awesome dad himself}, but I really could not have asked for a better dad!  He not only served in Vietnam in the U.S. Army but also took his role as dad and husband very seriously.  I was an only child for 15 years and could not have been more spoiled by my daddy but when my baby brother was born he still made me feel like his princess.    I married several years after that and then my brother had the chance to be the only child {at home} and received all dad attention.  We both have very good memories of  our dad and will cherish our time with him!

One of my favorite memories of dad was when he would take me fishing when I was little.¬† No, I would not touch the fish or the worm but according to my dad I was an awesome fisherman {girl}.¬† I would always catch the biggest fish and the most.¬† It really puzzled me as a little girl why my dad was not as good as me.¬† He was good at everything so why not fishing?¬† It was not until many, many, many years later that I learned “I” was not the great fisher-girl that I thought I was.¬† He would catch the fish, hand me the pole¬† and then wait until I noticed the fish on the line.¬† Sometimes it would take awhile for me to notice {poor little fish} since I was really not that into fishing in the first place.¬† I just liked being with my daddy. But when I did finally notice my line jumping, he got great enjoyment in seeing me celebrate my tiny victory of catching another big fish. The part that makes me laugh now, is that when he would notice it was not going to be a very big one, he would claim that one as his own.¬† Since he was still catching his own fish, I never suspected he was cheating in my favor. ¬† I did not find out about his little trick until I was an adult {yes, I know I was gullible}, but this taught me a valuable lesson about being a parent.¬† Seeing my kids enjoyment in their achievement is so much more rewarding than my own successes.

Three of my children had the pleasure of knowing my dad or Pappy as they called him but my last one was not born until after my dad died.¬† I wish my youngest would have met my dad because they would have been great buddies.¬† My favorite memory of my dad with my kids was watching him give them their bottles as a baby.¬† No matter where we were and it was time for them to have a bottle, that honor went to my dad.¬† The best part was watching as my baby would drift off to sleep while being fed in Pappy’s arms and then looking up and seeing my dad sound asleep as well.¬† I love that memory of them both so content and happy together.

Another thing I miss about my dad is his love for photography. I can honestly say he is where my love for photography came from.  I would have loved sharing this part of my life with him!  The Christmas before he died, he bought me my first digital camera and even though I have upgraded since then I will always treasure that one along with his own personal cameras.

I truly miss my dad and wish everday he was here to enjoy his grandkids and take them fishing but thankfully I know where he is and who he is spending his birthday with.  I look forward to Heaven someday not only to see my Heavenly Father but also to see my daddy!  Happy Birthday Dad.  I love you!

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It is official! I am a bad blogger!

My name is Tammy Chavies and I am a bad blogger!

There I said it.

I wish I had some really awesome excuse for my lack of blogging but sadly I don’t.

I have tons of sessions to blog but they have simply just not made it here…yet!

If you are still out there and want to see what I have been up to, hang in there with me.

 I will blog again.

I promise.

I have no reason for posting this picture of a bird except for the simple fact I thought he was cute.

Enjoy his cuteness!


One Just For Me …

This one was just for me.

I’ll admit it. ¬†After being inside all winter, I wondered if I had any creativity left in me. ¬†With senior season starting up again, I thought I better find out. ¬† I wanted to get out and shoot for me just once to see if I still had any creativity left in me.

Katy was a willing subject. ¬†We had planned to do a winter shoot together but the snow never came. ¬†When I saw this tree starting to bloom in a friend’s yard, I knew this was the spot for Katy. ¬†I have actually wanted to use Nick’s yard for quite awhile but never had the chance until now. ¬† I will be back!

The shoot was AMAZING!

   Thank you Nick for letting me use your land and thank you Katy for letting me shoot you again and going along with my crazy ideas.

Like I said, these are just for me,,,

and I love them.

¬†A beautiful girl, an awesome location, perfect light …what is not to love!