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Dayton Senior Photography – Once Upon A Time

This is our fun “Once Upon a Time” shoot from back in the summer.  We had Belle, Cinderella, Snow White and Alice in Wonderland show up!  We rented costume from The Costume King shop in Jamestown, Oh and she has EVERYTHING you could possibly need!  Trista provided hair and makeup again for us and did a phenomenal job as always!  We used my yard again for these, except for one trip to the Dayton Art Institute for Cinderella.  She needed stairs to lose her shoe on … right?

Snow White –  Taylor Neeld (Xenia High School)

Alice in Wonderland – Bailey Johnson (Xenia High School)

Belle/Little Red – Rachel Stute (Greenon High School)

Cinderella – Lauren Goodman (Xenia High School)

Once Upon a Time-28_BLOG.jpg

Once Upon a Time-19_BLOG.jpg

Once Upon a Time-10_BLOG.jpg

Once Upon a Time-3_BLOG.jpg

Once Upon a Time-9_BLOG.jpg

Once Upon a Time-1_BLOG.jpg

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Dayton Senior Photography – Boho Chic

This is the second of our model shoots this past summer.  This is my beautiful Boho Chic models. Trista of Trista Noe Makeup Artisty helped us with makeup again and Ashley Rose of Hair by Ashley Rose did hair for us this time. I love working with these talented ladies! The girls were asked to bring their favorite boho looks for the shoot.  Jordan brought us the amazing blanket that we hung from my pergola and used as a backdrop.  We started in my yard and our new puppy wanted to be in a few pictures as well. This shoot had to be cancelled once due to bad weather and we were threatened yet again by rain.  After going back and forth with my makeup and hair team and the girls, we decide to go for it.  You might not be able to tell {until the end} but it DID rain on us throughout the day.  Luckily we had umbrellas and  a huge tree in our front yard we were able to hide under for most of the yard shots.  It cleared up for a little while but just as we were heading out for our final location, it started raining again.  We could have called it a day because I had lots of great pictures already but instead we decided to just play in the rain! We might have ruined all the beautiful work Ashley had done for us but it was a blast! Thanks ladies for dancing in the rain with me!

Meet Brooke, Elaina, Jordan and Saige!

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Dayton Senior Photography – All American Girls!

This post and the next two are a long time coming!  Sorry girls! My 2016 models met with me over the summer for their stylized shoots and I am just now getting a chance to blog them. These girls are beautiful inside and out and it was a blast to work with each of them this year. We did three themed shoots over the summer at my home and I have to say that these are some of my favorite images EVER!  Each group was given a theme for their shoot and the girls brought outfits that coordinated with each theme. We had hair and makeup provided by Trista Noe, our fabulous stylist from Trista Noe Makeup Artistry!  I will be featuring the other two sessions here shortly as well over the cold dreary months ahead. Something to brighten up the blog for sure! First up is the “All American Girl”!  What do you think of when I say “All American Girl”?  Maybe softball, ice cream, football and a little American flare?  Well these girls pulled it off beautifully! Meet Morgan, Lauren and Deborah!

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Molly – Wilmington H.S.

Meet Molly from Wilmington High School. We had so much fun at her session this past summer. Molly took a lot of time thinking about her session and wanted to incorporate all of her passions in her shoot. We started with golf in the studio and ended with her car under the street lights. My favorite part was her dance section. Check out her session and be sure to ask her about her experience. I think she will be happy to share with you!

Molly Boatman-104_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-105_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-109_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-111_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-112_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-113_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-114_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-116_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-117_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-118_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-119_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-120_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-121_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-126_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-129_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-128_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-133_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-131_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-135_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-136_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-137_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-139_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-138_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-143_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-148_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-155_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-153_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-158_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-156_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-159_BLOG.jpg
Molly Boatman-161_BLOG.jpg

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2016 VIP Model Program Applications


Are you a 2016 Senior who is outgoing, loves to have fun and is excited to have your senior pictures taken?

Would you like to earn free prints and product from your session?

Would you like to have extra shooting time with me? 

Well, being a TCP Model may be just what you are looking for!

What is a Senior Model?

A TCP SENIOR MODEL is someone who tells all of their classmates and friends about TAMMY CHAVIES PHOTOGRAPHY. They will let all their friends know about their own personal TCP Experience and share their amazing pictures with them.  By getting their friends to book with Tammy, they will have the chance to earn free products, credit toward their own order and free mini sessions for family or friends.
 What Senior Models Receive?
  • A chance to participate in group shoots all through the year
  • $50 print credit for each referral that books or $25 CASH
  • 25 Model Cards featuring you to pass out to your friends
  • Featured in the TCP Model App for your mobile devices
  • Featured in TCP 2015-2016 marketing and advertisements
  • The chance to be on the cover of our TCP MAGAZINE the following year
  • And so much more

The Details

  • Juniors who will be graduating in 2016 may apply to be a TCP Model by filling out the application below.
  • Application deadline is March 31st @ midnight.
  • Applicants must following us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.
  • A limited number of  TCP Models will be accepted from each local high school depending upon your school’s attendance.  Sorry, I wish I could take all applicants!
  • TCP Models can earn FREE products and Mini Sessions throughout their senior year in addition to the group shoots already provided.
  • TCP Models can receive 30% off of their order at their Order Appointment if they have referred 5 or more friends/classmates that booked their sessions.

What we are looking for

  • Fashion Forward Girls and Guys
  • Receptive to style & wardrobe suggestions and collaborations
  • Outgoing personalities
  • Social Media Active
  • Participate in school events, sports or community relations
  • Promote TCP solely and professionally.
  • Promote TCP via social media 2 to 3 times a month.
  • Represent TCP exclusively.
  • MUST book your senior portraits with TCP.
  • MUST schedule your personal Senior Shoot BEFORE October 31st, 2015.
  • MUST sign a contract agreeing to terms & conditions.
  • Must attend all necessary meets/socials.
  • Tell your friends and classmates to book with TAMMY CHAVIES PHOTOGRAPHY!

How to Apply

  • Fill out the application below by March 31st, 2015
  • If your application is accepted, you will be contacted by Tammy with more details about the program and she will set up a Meet Up time. This meeting is mandatory for all accepted applicants.
  • You must bring a parent/guardian to our Meet Up as Tammy will explain the entire TCP Model Program which will give you the chance to officially sign up to become a 2016 Senior Model.


Check out this year’s group!  I love these girls! to apply to be a model this year?  Fill out the application below!


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Jordan – Wilmington H.S.

I am SO behind on blogging!!! I am so sorry ladies and gentlemen. I will work on this in the coming weeks. I promise! I am also revamping the studio so hang tight for some updates about that. One thing I am super pumped about is I am making the makeup area BIGGER!!! It is going to be so awesome! I will post pictures when it is done. I also just got back from an amazing lighting workshop called Enlighten with Jen Bertrand in Austin, Tx and I have some fantastic ideas for the shooting area! If you still need your senior pictures taken, NOW is the time to book. You get a free hour in the studio during the winter months so we can focus ONLY on outdoor shots when Spring finally rolls around. Contact me soon to book that!Now onto Jordan’s SUMMER shoot! Yes, I AM that far behind!

Jordan Quallen-100_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-103_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-107_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-108_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-111_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-110_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-115_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-117_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-119_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-123_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-120_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-121_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-125_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-126_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-131_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-128_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-132_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-133_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-135_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-137_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-140_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-144_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-141_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-145_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-147_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-152_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-148_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-153_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-155_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-154_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-156_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-157_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-163_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-168_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-169_BLOG.jpg
Jordan Quallen-172_BLOG.jpg